Coral Finance

Welcome to Coral Finance

The first derivatives trading platform on Nautilus Chain that generates leveraged yield.
Coral Finance introduces a new premium trading model to support economic growth, meeting the increasing demands of Web3.0 users for asset appreciation, asset circulation, and risk hedging. We offer a range of products, including derivatives trading, staking and farming, lending, and more. Whether you're a seasoned trader or new to the space, Coral Finance has something for everyone.
Join us today and experience the power of premium trading.

What is premium trading

Premium trading is an innovative trading mechanism that evolves based on the automated market maker (AMM) model. It aggregates liquidity to achieve efficient market making and allows users to trade crypto assets at higher prices. The amount a user can sell is directly proportional to the liquidity they provide in the premium pool. Unlike traditional trading, it doesn't rely on a centralized order book. Instead, an algorithm sets prices based on the pool's asset ratio. This leads to more efficient trading and better price discovery for users.

What is premium pool

Premium pools are the backbone of the premium trading mechanism on Coral Finance. Users earn high-yield returns by providing liquidity to pool and trading cTokens at a premium. In other words, premium pools operate by locking up assets to generate returns for liquidity providers. The premium is the difference between the returns generated by the pool and the returns that would have been earned by simply holding the assets.


There are two major participants involved in Coral Finance.


Traders are the central participants in the Coral Finance DEX. They find the best prices and execute trades. In addition, traders may also pay or receive funding payments based on the funding rate. Trading on Coral Finance can provide opportunities for profit through market movements and price differentials.

Liquidity Providers

Liquidity Providers (or LPs) are participants that deposit assets into a premium liquidity pool, in order to contribute to the inventory that will then be paired and deployed as liquidity. And they earn premiums as yields from trading cToken on cSwap area.
At Coral Finance, we built our platform to address some of the most pressing issues that the DeFi industry has been facing. One of the most significant issues is the problem of bubble economies, where token prices can be subject to wild fluctuations and overinflation. This can lead to a "death spiral," where prices drop rapidly, leading to a loss of confidence and further drops in price.
To combat these issues, we've developed a new incentive mechanism called premium incentive mechanism (PIM) that encourages user participation without producing inflation. This mechanism helps to stabilize the market by creating a more sustainable flow of liquidity to prevent market bubbles.
We've also focused on improving capital efficiency and boosting user yields. Coral Finance provides users with greater opportunities to earn passive income through liquidity provision and trading, while also ensuring that they are protected against risks such as impermanent loss.
In addition to these core features, we continue to work on developing new tools and services to improve the DeFi ecosystem further. We believe that by addressing these key issues and developing innovative solutions, we can help to create a more stable, efficient, and accessible DeFi marketplace for everyone.