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Coral Finance Overview

Coral Finance is a liquidity hub built for Token Credential Assets (TCA), alongside a globally accessible and robust trading platform. Coral constructs a pre-listing market with substantial growth in size, filling the gap before the Token Generation Event (TGE).

Coral’s vision is to build a hub where everyone can create liquidity for TCA in any format and aggregate the trades.

What is Token Credential Assets (TCA)?

Token Credential Assets include points, NFTs, whitelists and other classes with which users can redeem tokens after TGE. They are considered as assets, just like any other cryptocurrencies stored in your wallet, because users always need to make continuous contributions to the protocols.

Coral starts from points

Providing a user-friendly pre-listing platform with diverse features is not only the largest challenge in the space but the largest opportunity.

Points that measure and prove efforts and contributions by users is a substitute for direct airdrop as a loyalty program. It has been widely used and popularized by Web2 giants and companies long before. On-chain points would be substituted by other objects in any format someday, but the essence to foster a strong sense of commitment and ownership in the development and success of the project would never change.

Problems solved: inherent value of points

Crypto space needs a hub that provides liquidity, trading and extended scenarios for points. Coral is the best venue.

  1. Point market is still in the early stage w/o standards: There is no smart protocol to fully create liquidity and enable instant trades for points. Coral introduces market dynamics into the unique mechanism, allowing points to be traded and used for different purposes.

  2. Unequal way to trade between sellers and buyers: Existing markets generally use an options-alike model to execute transactions with required collaterals from traders, which puts buyers into extreme disadvantages. Coral offers DEX that aggregates liquidity and efficiently facilitates transactions between traders without collaterals.

  3. Low capital efficiency: Unspecified TGE dates greatly increase user time cost and reduce capital efficiency. Coral helps you lock in profits early and offer you opportunities to gain high-yield returns.

  4. Lack of value propositions: Coral regards points as a popular asset and pre-listing trading as an independent market similar to tokens. Coral designs L.t.U (Locked to Unlock) mechanism which creates a value chain for points, benefiting both the projects and point holders.

Launch Features

Users are currently able to:

  1. Claim corTokens.

  • Deposit accepted points-earning assets to acquire corTokens converted from points. Only assets that are backed by funds, such as LST and LP tokens, are accepted and supported by Coral Finance.

  • Gain locked and tradable corTokens.

  1. Swap corToken. A simple and smooth way to trade your points.

  2. Add corToken Liquidity. Provide liquidity for your favorite pools and earn yields.

  3. Stake & unstake corToken LP Tokens. Receive Acceleration to boost unlocking speed as well as additional rewards.

You will experience more exciting features that create a flywheel effect soon. Please keep you eyes on.

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